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Welcome to Groom a Car Mobile Car Wash in the TEKS Area!

Groom a Car is a well established MOBILE CAR WASH service in Secunda and Trichardt that will wash your car, 4x4/SUV, trailer, motorcycle, boat, caravan, truck or even your airplane, whereever and whenever it suits you.

We have been operating since mid 2012 and have built up a solid client base in the TEKS Area.

Groom a Car offers a range of Mobile Car Wash Services to suit most carwash needs, from a simple wash and go, to a full groom which includes upholstery and carpet shampooing! Click here for more detail.

make a booking online or contact us directly to book your spot.

The Groom a Car team is always professional, friendly and will take good care of your vehicle and belongings inside.



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You can make a booking online by clicking here!